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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions and answers about KRATOS.

Q.1 : How can I get software demo?
Answer : It's pretty simple, just call our support team (click here) and we will be ready to show you the demo online in minutes.

Q.2 : Can I verify my client / visitor mobile number using OTP?
Answer : YES! While adding member/visitor you can verify their contact number using OTP verification. We specifically recommend our customers to use OTP verification for visitors to avoid fake contacts.

Q.3 : Can I attach Biometric device to this software?
Answer : YES! It’s just a minute task for us, If you have Biometric device.

Q.4 : Can I restrict my client biometric door access, if his/her membership got expired?
Answer : YES! As soon as the membership got expired client access will be restricted.

Q.5 : Can I use the software (without Internet)/(Offline)?
Answer : YES!

Q.6 : What if I have doubts while using the software?
Answer : You can call our support team (click here) for immediate assistance in this regard. We will connect you ONLINE with REMOTE Software to resolve your issue in no time.

Q.7 : Can my clients get automatic notification about membership/package expiry reminders?
Answer : Yes! You just need to specify in the software, how many days before you need to inform.

Q.8 : Can I get alerts when new clients join or make payments?
Answer : YES! For each and every activity you will get notification through software in the form of SMS.

Q.9 : Will I get separate list and view of pending amount?
Answer : YES!

Q.10 : Can I get daily and monthly finance information on mobile through SMS?
Answer : YES! You will get all information about daily and monthly payments and expenses automatically.

Q.11 : Can I send offer messages/bulk messages/sudden holiday messages to my clients?
Answer : YES! With a single click, you can send messages to all the clients.

Q.12 : How many logins I can create in this software?
Answer : Unlimited

Q.13 : Can I add/remove different permissions for my receptionist?
Answer : YES!

Q.14 : Can I record Check In and Check Out for members and staff?
Answer : YES!

Q.15 : Will my clients get automatic birthday wishes SMS?
Answer : YES!

Q.16 : Can I manage visitors/enquiries?
Answer : YES!

Q.17 : Can I send offer/anniversary/bulk SMS to visitors/enquiries?
Answer : YES!

Q.18 : Can I add my staff?
Answer : YES!

Q.19 : Can I get daily attendance report for my staff and members?
Answer : YES! Even you can also track how many days, how many hours your staff and members present.

Q.20 : Can I set my custom membership/package name, pricing and duration?
Answer : YES!

Q.21 : How my business data will be safe?
Answer : Software automatically generate daily backup on local machine & send it to your registered email id for more data safety.

Q.22 : What if software got uninstalled by mistake? what about my data?
Answer : NO WORRY! Our support team (click here) is available to reinstall it. Your data is safely backed up on a daily basis on your local computer and email Id.

Q.23 : What is the support contact timing for assistance, if I have any issue?
Answer : We are available on all working days from 6 AM to 11 PM.

Q.24 : Can I store/sale nutrition/supplements product in software?
Answer : YES!

Q.25 : Can I get members information in excel/PDF format?
Answer : YES! All the information related to members like payment , attendance, payment history, dues and many more.

Q.26 : What if something happened to my computer? How can I get my data back?
Answer : NO WORRY! Your backup will be safe on your email id.

Q.27 : Can I send sms without internet?
Answer : NO!, Internet is required to use SMS functionality.

Q.28 : Can I get Tax/GST/Non GST invoices?
Answer : YES! As your convenience you will get invoices.

Q.29 : Which biometric machine I should purchase for more reliability?
Answer :Standard ESSL company’s X990 and K30 is recommended from us.

Q.30 : What is the cost of biometric machine?
Answer : ESSL X990 ~ 9K to 10K, ESSL K30 ~ 5K to 6K

Q.31 : How I will get biometric setup done?
Answer : You can google “biometric setup provider” for your city. There are many service providers for biometric available in market.

Q.32 : Can I manage expenses?
Answer : YES!

Q.33 : Where can I find the contact details of KRATOS Support Team?
Answer : You can find the contact details for Support Team at
#1 Website (
#2 In software Help->Contact Us menu

If you couldn't find your question in the above list, please click below on "GET FREE DEMO", and we will clarify any remaining quenstions in live demo.


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